For Brands looking to work with Marisa Plus Bowie

This is a PR friendly blog, if you would like to collaborate with me in any way feel free to email any time, I aim to reply within 12 hours

Brands/PR Companies/Shops I am currently working with

Pearl and Me | Dudes and Divas Boutique | Magnet Mouse | Whimsical Wishes | Bunny Boo Boutique |

Brands/PR Companies/Shops I have collaborated with in the past with my previous blog include

The Jewel Hut | House of Watches| T.H Baker| Pandora | Charm Churi |  Delicious Alchemy | Coloured Lenses UK | Reversyl | Lush Hair Extensions | Farfetch | Bean Bean Cases | Memeoirs | Blue Vanilla | Amphora Aromatics | Heaven Skincare | Slender Tox Tea | Insta Natural | Flo Accessories | Pet Shop | Prints With Feelings | Tostadora | Sparkle PR | Nail HQ | Bruzz | Liptful| Skinny Tea Tox and many more



All photos, opinions and views are my own, everything is written by me and all reviews are written with 100% honesty.


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